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1971 early bay..

It has had done by me..

New kunifer pipes
New flexihoses
All welding complete
Nice new sandblasted/painted wheels
New indicator lenses
New front Badge
New rubber steps

It has got

Blue bird rock and roll bed
The chrome gearstick [forgot the name]
One key fits all locks

The bad

It is not original underneath but it is solid ,the gutters in the middle have seen better days ,the rear o/s panel has rust blobbing though ,this is not a rust bucket quite yet...the o/s rear and front needs painting...Things missing are boot lock and wiperswitch...The top is one piece with a skylight and does no leak when down ,the canvas needs replacing..

The good...

The engine 1.6 singleport is good with no leaks ,brakes are excellent and it will not fail MOT on welding ,front axle is very good...

The ugly...

The electrics are a mess ,I have put another loom in but all I can get is headlights/sidelights/main beam etc and the engine to go when the key is turned ,the rest is like spegetti junction....

I have had enough of the electrics ,I have started dreaming about wires...!!!!!!!!

Idealy , I would like a early/late bus with great paintwork/interior , but needs welding underneath ,if you are at the other end of the country I will share delivery costs...:cool:
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