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Ready to enjoy cruising and camping this year? 'Pumper' is ready to roll. 'New Price' 12,900 GBP
Michigan 171.jpg
1972 Westy California car we have been traveling the world 'Living The Dream' for 3+ years. Starting the 2nd year in Europe but need to get back home to Canada.
Pumper has less than 50,000 miles on the recon engine upgraded to 2000cc with a block from a 78 Bus for extra horses but still with mech lifters and carbs. It's a type 4 (Pancake) original engine, very clean and outstanding compression and dependability. I have personally babied this engine around the world with preventative maintenance ++.
I have imported her to Europe on a Canadian reg.
I could talk for hours about her and know every bolt, my hobby on the road. A few stone chips, a couple of very small bubbling spots, and a small scar behind the rear bumper all minor repairs to make her spotless. This is a bus with Charisma and wow factor wherever you go.
Aux battery connected to the generator and solar panel. Original heating works plus a supplementary 300W heater installed. New curtains and very clean interior... it's our home!!!
Lots of images on the blog, can send additional. Can deliver.
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