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Hi there, unfortunatley, due to having just found a mega cheap house, im thinking fo selling MY 1973 Bay camper. This bay has only been mine for about 5 months, but in that time, i have used it daily and never had any problems.

The bus was painted over xmas in beige primer, but then the house came up, so i rebuilt her as she is, and she has to go.

The bus is fully taxed and Mot'd, Mot'd till april, taxed till May i think?

Drives superbly, handles well, pulls well, doesnt use oil, and starts every turn of the key, without fail. Its never let me down. and as i say, i've used it daily for ages.

The engine is in good condition, has had new distributer points, and had the gaps set correctly. It has an auxillery electric blower on the heater pipes, so blows the warm air up the channels to the front quite effieciently, and believe me, it is actually warm in there, even on the coldest day, so no need for hats, gloves etc, lol.

It has a pair of small speakers in the front, and the stereo is wired up (although cd player will not be included).

Brakes all work well, as does handbrake, and to be honest, i dont think it'll need anything for its mot mechanically or brake wise etc.


The drivers step has corroded away, and has since had a replacement fitted by its previous owner. But there are a few areas that still need a bit of attention in the back of the camper (to bottom of pillar next to sliding door behind pass seat, same place drivers side, and a tiny hole at bottom of drivers side rear wheel arch inside)

It also will need a Drivers Front door as the current one is beyond repair, and the sliding door will need the lower edge repairing, but a replacement piece of door skin is provided with the sale (currently fitted over old bottom edge on door.)

The bus is very very tidy considering all this, and looks easily at home at a VW show/meet.

The bus was a devon conversion, but due to the interior being in bad condition, i removed it and sold it (as i am a carpenter, and the plan was to rebuild a custom one myself when the camper is painted and show worthy!!) It is sold with no interior.

Im looking for offers around £2500- £3000 and have been offered £2500 a couple of times from diff people over the internet. So i know it is worth this. I need a quick sale, as i have to pay solicitors fee's at the end of the month for my new house, and need the cash to pay these.

Im located in norfolk, near kings lynn. Mobile number is 07921 910651, email is [email protected]

Here she is.

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