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This is a feeler post as we might be selling our beloved crewcab. Change of work and my physical health means we need a more flexible daily driver (and a diesel) so funds need to be raised to buy a T4 which would be better for passenger access.

The truck:
We completed the body/rebuild/service work last summer and we enjoyed trouble free daily driving with trips to shows in the UK, nationwide travel and a 2000 mile round trip holiday to Germany (camping on the Eifel mountain range with lots of excursions). Until December the truck was 100% reliable but the onset of bad weather mean't a new battery was fitted and the clutch finally died (after 2 years knowing it was on it's way out!), now it's been fixed and the truck will come with 12 months MOT and a clean bill of health.

1986 T3 Syncro Doka 1.9 - Will come with 12 months MOT, tax negotiable.

14" spec
Front and rear difflocks (both working)
Full serviced with good 1.9WBX, new clutch.Engine is a recon unit - 3 years old.
Mounts for Audi 5 cylinder conversion already in chassis rails.
New battery.
Running on matching 15" Penta rims with Mud Terrains

Complete interior/exterior stripdown. Tidied last year with all new loadbed, minor repair work to locker floor and panels. Lower rear quarters and rear valance replaced. Painted all over in Audi Daytona grey metallic. Needs freshening due to keying and small dent in one door. Thoroughly rust proofed and undersealed under arches, load floor, locker area etc. New rubber seals. No rot.

2 seats up front with proper crewcab rear bench and 3pt belts (plus lap belt).
Tristar grey front and rear seats.
New (grey) roof lining.
Custom camo door panels.
Floor heater channel to rear.
DVD player/PS2 screen in roof with PS2 audio cables routed to rear seat and headunit (not included).
Component speakers in doors.
Padded dash trim.
Map holder/cup holder on dash.
Westfalia cup holders x4 (2 on heater cowl, 2 on rear doors).
Carat/GL visors (both with illuminated mirrors).
GL interior lights (one each side of front cab).
Westfalia speakers on B pillar (surround sound/PS2).
Viktor steering wheel (really needs replacing with Momo etc) with boss.
Porsche glovebox lock.
Chequerplate cab steps.
Cab door vinyl trims to foot area.

Crystal headlights (with laser blue bulbs and laser blue sidelights).
Smoked indicators with marker light function (with laser blue bulbs).
GL aero wiper.
LT mirrors.
Whistle stop cab rubbers.
Heater conduit tubes and fur channels in cab doors.
Heko wind deflectors.
Tristar crewcab sliding windows.
Stonechipped front and rear to bumper level (black as Tristar).
Cab 'headache/roll bar' with chequerplate bash panel.
Custom 'VOLKSWAGEN' script in engine access hatch.
Custom engine cover - 'van style'.
4 doors, not the usual 3! (and all on one key).
Relocated number plate and light
New dropside rubbers
Custom 50/50 (red/black) taillights.
Westfalia swan neck towbar.

*Optional parts (by price negotiation) :-
SA bellhousing, cradle spacers and Winkler sport exhaust.
Projektzwo quad lamp grille.
Westfalia/Bundeswehr crewcab tilt and bows.
Genuine Carat/GL front bumper.

Bad bits:
Yeah, there have to be a few and this truck is no exception. Being honest here as I am trying to sell the truck genuinely.

#As stated - to make it A1 the paint will need tidying due to chavs, inconsiderate drivers etc there are a few marks on the paint (but no rot!!!!)
#The towbar has no electrics. I removed the useless old ones but as I haven't towed with it yet, haven't replaced them.
#The dash illumination doesn't work (everything else does - just not the lights).
#The blower motor under the dash works sporadically. I tried swapping the switch and this fixed it for a short time, now its intermittent again.
#The 4th door (drivers rear) has no check strap fitted. It didn't have one when I bought it, but there is one here ready to fit now. 2 small spot welds and its done!

Like I said - a few niggly faults, none of them critical. I was going to tackle them in the summer when its light, dry and generally easier to work.

The bottom line. This is a great tool. It's presentable, unique and very capable offroad. It's tooled up with rare goodies, rust free, ready to run and a real talking point at shows/events. I wouldn't be selling it but I need the cash LOL

Located in Nottinghamshire. Sensible offers around £6500 please.

Please call Paul on 01623 792207/07527 111195 to discuss.

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With all the floods I would have expected more interest. Its an ideal cross high-street ferry as can be seen above.
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