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Hi altogether,

had a promotion during September with a discount rate of 10 % (informed about it early in September).
Had a customer who ordered a complete kit at the discount price. Now that he received the invoice (last week) and I asked for payment he withdrew the order. Don¥t want to denounce him, so I will not publish his name (can happen to everyone, that something private happens, that keeps us from doing things, that we planned to). Don¥t know what the reason is, but knowing this wouldn¥t help me either.

Anyway: Have a invoice now with an invoice-no., that I already commited to the financial office. Will be a bigger problem to cancel this invoice now. To avoid this I offer a complete kit for a 914-gearbox conversion at a special price of exactly 1.000 Euro plus freight (32 Ä to UK) incl. German VAT. This is a discount rate of 20 % on the goods.

The kit is:

nose cone short al. cast 914 - 220 Ä
traverse front mount al. cast 914 - 210 Ä
traverse rear steel laser cut - 80 Ä
5-speed shifter Bug @ 5-Speed - 350 Ä
2 axle flanges gearbox 914 for Beetle drive shafts - 260 Ä
inside shift rod for gearbox like 901 - 80 Ä
mounting plate for clutch - 20Ä
clutch cable connector - 28 Ä

You can see all the goods on my site www.bugat5speed.de, or have a look in UltraVW issue March 2005 (most of you will know me anywy).
So, don¥t miss this unique chance. The first who contacts me, will get the goods at this price. Please contact me by mail, or by phone. Will call back if only the a.m. speaks.

Good luck!

Martin Bott
Bug @ 5-Speed
[email protected]

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forgot to mention, that the kit works with 901-gearboxes also. Would also sell parts out of this order. The parts out of this ordered kit can be ordered at 20 % discount on the normal price.

If somebody takes the complete kit as listed above I will addtionally cover the costs for freight. Offer is only valid until this weekend. Then I must commit to the invoice.-numbers, that I gave to the financial offices.

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