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AA,RAC,GREENFLAG or somebody else..

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So am looking at getting some kinda uk cover for when im roaming around the place who would people recomend?
Or are they all pretty much the same?

Any horrer stories

................... :yawn:
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Greenflag/direct line are great but always nameyour oldest car as subsequent cars cannot be over 17 years old.

Alternativelyt get the cover with your insurance will only cost around £30 then.

These typesof cover are better than AA and RAC as theyuse contractors and therefore you get a no quibble lift.

Insurance ones also give green card euro cover
im in the aa, i like it as it doesnt matter which car im in, not sure if the others are doing this, some of the people who come out are real knowledgeable and get you on your way, some havnt got a clue from experience
aa are cool.. felt like i was on first name terms a while ago!
In the aa, was added to my dads policy for a tenner a year or something. Had a few problems but have also had a lot of help. Worst was when the clutch release bearing fell out of my beetle. He was an arrogant prat who refused to listen to a word I said. He said it was just the clutch needing adjusted, although it had just went from working fine... The clutch peddle was juddering if you put a little pressure on the peddle so i didn't press it right down. After spending about half an hour jacking up the front end of the car (although I was saying the clutch adjuster is at the back), he jacked up the back and adjusted it. Told me to go try it so i did same problem. He then says have you driven without a clutch before as the car will need moved to a place where the truck can get it. I say Yep and start getting in. He says well I've probably done it many more times than you, so you better let me (in the most patronising way, thought well I've only done it a couple of times so probably for the best). Broooooooom Crunch clatter clatter clatter. He gets out says that's not going anywhere :rolleyes: I was a bit pissed off now as knew before, well was at least pretty certain it was the bearing, so says well i did say not to press the pedal. Anyway release bearing fork snapped up and center of the clutch destroyed :mad:

Anyway that's probably my worst one, tend to try get them to just send me a recovery vehicle now, seems to work and the local recovery company are all a good laugh :D

Mate uses greenflag, says they are really good
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I have UK and european breakdown with my insurance with Footman James at no extra cost. Used them a few times the past year too :rolleyes: Been excellent so afr, Better than the RAC I had before wo kept me waiting for hours then when I phoned back told me they'd fixed it even though they'd not even turned up :mad:
id spend the joining fee on a pair of jeans
I'm with the ADAC, like the AA but in Germany, I get UK & Europe breakdown for me and the missus plus some nice extras for a fraction of the cost of a year with the AA, 95 euros as opposed to £155! Still the AA that comes out on the breakdown. :hangloose
took out a policy on my beetle when i took out the insurance with flux... £42.00

broke down the day after i took out the policy! no quibbles, no hassle - and its already paid for itself even after just that one trip! :eek:

never broken down apart from that so its all good :D
I'm with the AA, used them a couple of weeks ago and they had a recovery truck (from a local contractor) out to me within 45 mins - great service. Took me back to the destination of my choice.

They also recovered 2 DDK 911s when we were in France at Le Mans - again a superb service. Arrived when they said, took the cars to the ferry, another recovery truck waiting at the other end - top service.
has to be the AA if you have a lloyds tsb account its free YES free
:bandit: iv been wiv em for 8 years used um 3 or 4 times and nice guys that came out if I had 2 pay I would
was wiv rac before ok if you like to sit and wait 4 hours :rolleyes:
if you go for AA or RAc just make sure you have right level of cover or proff you have as they are great at telling you they can only take you ten miles etc and for the one and only fee of £175 they can get you home.
We're with the insurance on all 3 cars, about £30 and full European cover - think it's limited to 6 b/downs a year though but that should be plenty.....

If you're with the AA/RAC check whether they'll put the extra effort in to get a modded car on their trailer. When I got picked up the guy said it was a good job I wasn't with the AA cos they would of left me there. The car's pretty low and wouldn't go up the angle of the low loader so they had to get another guy out with some dollies to put under the back wheels that raised it enough to go up the ramp. (I did tell them it was really low when I phoned and they didn't believe me so didn't send the extra gear on the first lorry :()
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