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AArrgh, ebay rant

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I'm rather annoyed.

I don't really like selling on ebay but occasionally needs must.

I've just spent the best part of half an hour writing an ad for some parts I'm selling, get to the end and it says to sign in to post the listing.

Now I'm already signed in, but I suppose its a security thing. so I sign in.

Ebay thinks, then...

Sign in to post listing.

I sign in (yes I'm using the right details)

Sign in to post listing :(

I sign in.

Sign in to post listing :mad:

Repeat about ten times with me typing my user ID and password slowly and carefully.

Stupid fucking cunts:tick:

so I close my browser and have a cuppa to calm down.

Go back to ebay, It signs me in automatically when I revisit and asks me to complete my listing.

Ok, so I click on it.

Sign in.

I sign in.

Sign in.


I'm never using the fucking shite again.
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