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it gets asked quite often how to lower a bug or how to raise due to saggy rear end :incheek: and i needed to adjust mine so here is how i did it - may or maynot be right in everyones eyes but worked for me

this is on an irs set up but similar to swing axle

first - get the wheels off and car on axle stands. on an irs rear end you have to take the wings off as the spring plate extends out due to longer torsion bars

remove the shock bolt

(similar on swing axle)

mark where the A arm bolts to the spring plate ( or on a swing axle vehicle where the spring plate bolts to the axle tube housing) to make sure it goes back in the smae place. then remove the 19mm bolts and nuts

if doing on a swing axle vehicle it is a good idea to pull the axle towards the rear of the car and tie it ip out of the way.

now remove the 17mm bolts on the spring plate cover and lever it off

on the irs model you now need to get the spring plate infront of the A arm - lift the a arm as high as it will go and lever the spring plate infront of it ussing a screw driver or similar. be careful at this stage as the spring plate may come off the stop lip and fly downward so keep hands and limbs clear of it.

if it hasnt come down you need to lever it off the stop lip using a big screw driver.

now looking at www.bugbabe.co.uk decide how many splines you need to rotate to get the desired adjustment

on a spint axle car you can see the splined torsion bar throught the spring plate- it is a good idea to mark its origional position with tipex.

now pull the spring plate off and rotate on the splines according to the adjustmebnt required.

once done i measure front the spring plate to the floor so i can be sure to get it exactly the same on the other side - but isnt necessarily required)

now it is time to reassemble. lift the a arm up and lever it back infront of the spring plate ( not required on SA)

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place the spring plate cover back in place and bolt on losely.

place jack under the spring plate and lift up until it is clear of the stop lip. now use a rubber mallet to knock the pring plate fully home on its splinesand make sure the spring plate sits back on the stop lip. now do the bolts up on the spring plate cover - this will stop the spring plate slipping off the stop lip

now use the jack to hold the a arm (or axle if swing axle) in the right position and bolt up in place.

Do all bolts upto correct torque setting 72 ft / lbs for spring plate i think but please check your manual! and dont forget to bolt up your shock absorber!

wheels back on and you may want to push forward/ back to let suspension settle although it probably wont fully settle until you have driven it.
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