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AFS - Sanding blocks

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Does anyone have any experience with the 'AFS' Sanding blocks?

They appear to be highly recommended, but does anyone here have anything (good or bad) to say about them?

I was looking at getting the 4.5", 6" and 15" blocks for prepping my bug....

This is the kind of thing i mean:

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I've only heard good things, but never used them myself.

A guy on Retro-Rides was using them to prep a '30s hotrod thing... and his panels looked arrow straight afterwards ;)
Here we are (ok, so it is 50s...) :



See page 10 onwards especially, that's where the sander blocks come into play.
Well I hope they're good, as I've just spent a (relative) fortune on them.

I'll let you know how they are :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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