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all '72 bay owners with tow bars...

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i own a 1972 camper with the early front indicators (well the original front panel did) and big rear lights, but with the early front a rear bumpers ....the cross-over model. the rear bumper brackets are a one year only production, as is a towbar for my van. i'm having no luck finding one. does anyone know if this one is the one i'm looking for? if not could you please take a picture of yours to help my hunt. i've been looking for months!

cheers :hangloose

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my 72 crossover doesnt have brackets like that towbar.

they bolt from the bottom upto the chassis, i would say chances are thas an early bay one or a splitty one even.
Dont think thats for an early bay as my bumper bolts into the chassis from the underside. Im after an early one if you find one on your travels.
thanks bugsy and clyde, big help :D is there any chance of a pic of your bus and towbar sometime bugsy so i've got a picture to work to?

cheers clyde, i'll let you know too if i find one
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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