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Just joined and I have been asked to post a build thread on my Ghia project.
I started the rescue back in late sept 2019 and have lots of pictures of my progress to post, so I will be trying to get this thread up to date... If I can remember everything.

The Karmann ghia was spotted on Ebay by the misses ( I was looking for an Austin 7) but she liked it and if the wife likes it, you buy it. ;) Makes life easier.
To say it was in a bit of a state when it turned upon the trailer is an understatement, but it had to be saved from the crusher...Though there have been times when I could have happily sent it back.;)

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Plant Motor vehicle
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

As you can see she was rough.

Anyway I will post more later, its past my bedtime.
NN all.

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Right lets add some more pics, you forget how rough things were after a few years.
Vehicle Motor vehicle Green Plant Wood

There was a little bit missing in the front.

Anyway the first job was to strip all the paint and rust back as best I could and slop some red oxide over what was left.
Vehicle cover Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Plant

Car Plant Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Land vehicle Car Tire Plant

Tire Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

Then the job got put on hold as I had to sell my T25 and buy an ex AA van to transport my wifes new toy about.

Wheel Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design

So the rest of 2019 was spent turning the van into a camper come engine transporter.


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January 2020 started cold and dry, so the Ghia was uncovered and work started.
Vehicle cover Plant Tire Automotive tire Hood

The first job was to weld the front bulkhead to the new napoleon hat section, the front bulkhead was from a beetle i expect as the previous owner had started a rhd conversion...badly. ;)

Automotive tire Wood Road surface Grey Bedrock

once that was done I moved in to the trunk area to finish of his work and do some repairs.

Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Font

Land vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive lighting

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system

There were lots of joints to weld up and some rust to deal with, but we got there.
Once the trunk area was tidy I decided to move onto the chopped out dash.

Plant Vehicle Car Wheel Motor vehicle

Bit of a mess...Naaaaaaaa.;)

Thats for the next post.


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As i said, the dash had been hacked out by the previous owner and the parts dumped...ho hum.
I had to start again.
So as the car will never be concours it was decided that I would custom build a new one with extra dials.
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Steering wheel Steering part

I grabbed some metal and some old dials and roughed out the layout, then i hacked a rough shape out and offered it up in the gaping hole nin the dash.

Happy with the fit I cut out the holes for the dials and tidied the new section up.

Gas Auto part Motor vehicle Circle Machine

This was then stitched in place and a curved top added.

Motor vehicle Hood Wood Automotive tire Bumper

That left loads of holes elswhere in the dash to sort out.
Not having a radio, so that hole was filled as was the speaker hole in the top of the dash.

Then that left the glove box to sort.

As I was in the groove, I made one out of sheet and welded that in as well.

Window Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Door

That just left the dash trim to sort.
I managed to find the bits he had cut off and with a bit of reshaping they were made to fit.

Plant Vehicle Motor vehicle Bumper Fender

Needs a good filling and sanding session to get it ready for paint, but that can wait till all the other welding work is finished.

Fuel filler flap was next.


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Fuel filler repairs ahoy.
The old flap was cut out and as you can see it was a tad rusty.:rolleyes:
Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Wall Gas

Once that was out it showed some more rust to be fixed before it could be replaced.

Automotive tire Wood Rim Gas Bumper

So this had to be fixed next.

Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle

I cut the rot out and filled with new metal and then splopped it over with underseal.

Then I could weld in the new filler section and smooth the edges back, before a shot of epoxy was sprayed to prevent more rust.

Eye Paint Azure Human body Rectangle

That was another little job done.
I was finding little jobs to do so I could delay tackling the nose of the car.

So I did doors next. :p


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The doors looked good at first glance.
It was not until I took a good look that I realised that new skins would be in order.:(

Wood Motor vehicle Bumper Composite material Gas

This was the repair done before.

Wood Rectangle Road surface Grey Brickwork

So it was new skins time, but I would have to modify the doors to take the different door handles...hmmmmmm.

I cut out the handle support and reshaped them to take the indentation in the new skins.
Helmet Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Wood

And repaired all the frames with some new metal.

Bicycle tire Automotive tire Wood Bicycle frame Bumper

Then came the fun job of fitting the skins, gawd that metal was hard to bend.
But the skins were fitted at last.

Car Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle

Almost fit the car, we will get there...one day.


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Here we go.
The bit I had been putting off for as long as possible...THE NOSE...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Shoe Automotive tire Nature Wood Grass

It was a little bit rusty.

First job was to line up the centre section ontop of what was left of the original and mark round it.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Aircraft Car Hood

Then I cut out the old front just inside the marked lines, leaving the trunk catch section in place to help keep everything square.

Vehicle Car Automotive tire Automotive lighting Plant

I had to cut it out in sections so I could see now the grills were mounted.
Then these were cut off and the underside section just fell out.

Wood Automotive tire Road surface Soil Automotive exterior

The front inner sections had to go as well, well what was left of them anyway.

Plant Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior

Then the new inner front wing sections could be tacked in place.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Wood Automotive exterior

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Asphalt

Thext job was to remove and replace the dog leg air boxes aon each side... to be continued.


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Hello again
Time for the dogleg air boxes.
They had to be massaged to get a reasonable fit with my favorite lump hammer and then welded in place.
Tire Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Then I had to cut out the openings for the front grills, so out with the angle grinder and with my heart in my mouth I hacked them out.
Was almost a perfect fit from the get go, pheeeeeeew.
Hood Grille Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

The rear boxes were then spot welded together and welded to the nose section.

I could then offer the nose back up in place and trim back the body until I got a got a good fit.
Before I could finaly fit it, I had to repair this section in front of the axle beam.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

Its double skinned, so I had to do it in two peices, inner first then outer over that.

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior

Then the nose could be tacked in place to check for fit .:p

Tire Plant Vehicle Sports gear Car

Tacked in place and ready for the headlamp repair sections.
Tune in for more fun and games tomorrow.:p


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Once the nose was inplace I could move onto the front wings.
The headlamp surrounds were rotten (suprise suprise) so new panels were dug out of the pile of body panels that I had allready bought and offered up.
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive exhaust

I drew round them and cut the old metal out and then tacked the new in.
There was still rust to be sorted and I had to hand make a section to fit.

Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Rim Alloy wheel

The same was done to the other side and we were on our way.
Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Car

Then it was a case of fitting the lower front sections, so more old rusty metal was cut off and new welded back in place.
Vehicle Hood Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Vehicle Car Hood Aerospace manufacturer Aviation

The front undertray could then be fitted and the wheel arches could be fixed.
A shot of primer to tidy it all up and I could move onto the next rust repair.
Car Land vehicle Tire Wheel Vehicle


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Primer does cover a multitude of sins. :cool:

Well after the big job of the front, I thought I would do something simple and just clean up the rear parcel shelf...Ha ha ha ha ha .
Wood Iguania Lizard Scaled reptile Tool

Ho hum more repairs.:rolleyes:

Lots of cutting and shaping and welding needed to make up window edges.
Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Watercraft

Then I had to make replacement panels for the shelf.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Tread

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Road surface Wood

Bit of grinding and sanding and primer and the parcel shelf is sorted, only a weeks work....sheeeeesh.


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Back again.
Rear parcel shelf fixed I could move onto the lower rear wings and wheel arches.
Plant Wood Tent Grass Automotive tire

neither one was very good.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Wheelbarrow Plant

So once again I dived into my pile of repro panels and started cutting.

Ooooops no more pictures, I best go download some more.
Back tomorrow. :D

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