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Any major problems twin porting...

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a engine which has the old style oil cooler, ie non dog house cooler???

om hoping to be converting my 1600S/P to T/P this week with new heads, the correct t/p tinwere and the 4x smaller head bolts....

just wondering if ill have any problems with cooling? did VW even make a T/P non dog house cooler engine? 1.6 or 1.3?

or were all T/P's dog house coolers???

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anyone know, cheers
AFAIK, all TP were doghouse style.
There's more though...

The doghouse shroud uses a wider fan - more air flow.

I'm not sure your old shroud will fit the TP upper tinware.
That is, the opening where the fan shroud joins the cyl head tin.
It's been too long and I don't have any here now to measure for you.
Any chance you can find someone nearby who has a TP?

On the plus side, VW did make a 1600cc with the
small fan, non-doghouse, SP manifold. That was 1970 models.
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i have a 1600 S/P in at the mo, and im thinking about swapping to twinport heads etc, for the exta few BHP mainly cos im plannin on adding a single twin 40 dell carb, so i was hoping to reep all the benifits of that carb with t/p,

i have all the bits at the mo for the conversion i even have a wide T/P fan, and can get hold of a T/P fan housing, but would my nono dog house oil cooler ie early style fit that T/P fan housing, even tho its designed for the dog house oil cooler???

basically my oil cooler is this shape,

is is still posible to fit a T/P, dog house fan shroud, to the above oil cooler?

if not, as i alreadly have a t/p oil cooler spare, does anyone do a any kind of oil cooler adapotor to fit the T/P syle cooler in a ealy S/P cooler's case???

thus meaning i can run the doghose cooler, wider fan and T/P heads without question,



ive just seen this on SSP....

Oil Cooler Seal Kit,

Oil cooler seal conversion kit twin port cooler on to S/port £ 1.95,

Adpats twin port oil cooler to fit single port case.

that sounds like what i need!!! anyone done this coversion before??

let meknow!

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the gaskets in the kit youve seen should be "tapered" so they fit the holes in the top of the crankcase and the ones in your late oil cooler + adapter perfectly... examine them and it should be clear which way round they go....

theyre only available in that kit... they DONT come in normal gasket sets...

good luck:)
sound, well ill need new inlet boots fot twin porting anyway, so ill ad them special seals to my list!

anyone actually used these seals, are they ok to use etc???

I just fitted them seals on my type 3. I fitted an early S/P oil cooler to a late T/P crankcase. Late = 10mm, early is 8mm - so the seal tapers. I tried to get away with fitting late 10mm seals and oil pissed out. They have worked great and no leaks, I put a light smear of hylomar on too.
Those oil cooler seals / adaptors will allow you to fit a late cooler to a early case, but you need the Doghouse type aluminium cooler and it's mounting block if you want to use a doghouse Fan housing. The early steel cooler will not fit in a Doghouse fan housing.
You will also need a full twinport inlet manifold (not just the boots).
nice one, i only need the boots as im fitting this......

then ill need,

4x small head studs -New 2x (or need to find my other 2!)
2x inlet manifolds, -Got
2x inlet manifold boots -Need
1x twin port (wider) fan -Got (need to look for it!)
1x twin port (doghouse) fan shroud -Got
1x dog house cooler (with mouting plate) -Got
3x coversion seals -Need

anything else ive forgottern? also, would you use the neoprene inlet maifold boots or jsut std rubber(?) ones?

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