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Anyone been to wolfsburg museum

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Thinking about going,what is it like and is it worth going.
Any websites about it?thanx Jayster
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Website: http://automuseum.volkswagen.de

Definitely worth going. You can walk to it from Autostadt if you want, otherwise its a few minutes drive along the canal. Some of the well known stuff like the gold and diamond Beetle have been taken to the Zeithaus in Autostadt, but there is loads of stuff that is of interest to enthusiasts... protoypes and weird one-offs (gas turbine powered Bay Window!)
Don't forget to pop in here as well:


We didn't have transport when we went so missed out, but met people who had been and picked up loads of NOS splitty stuff... plus they ordered loads of stuff that wasn't in stock and it was posted free of charge to them!!
autostadt is very good , had lotts of fun ! also theyre is the automeuseum which has the original herbie in 2 , i have been 3 times know i got the train from here in bromsgrove to london then the euro star to paris then on a sleeper (Die Bahn ) then got a direct train ! theyre is also a fantastic chinise in wolfsburg deffinatly recomend !;) i so want to go back and not come back lol

Honestly you won't regret it, I want to go back to "VW Land" :lol:
Right im going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Hi everyone,

I haven't been to the Automuseum nor to Autostadt but I have ordered stuff from VW Classic Parts in the past and I have found almost everything I needed.

I have just ordered a build certificate for my 1300 just out of interest to see when it was actually built. I have found managed to decode a build date from the production plate on the body its self, so it'll be interesting to see if those dates are the same.
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