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Anyone ever been to watch SCORE Int racing in Cali ?

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anyone been ?

Baja 500 ? Baja 1000 ?

Anyone got any tips / experiences to share ?

I'm thinking of a bit of a trip next year as a 40th birthday present to myself .....
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went to baja for bruce meyers and the manx buggy,s return to the baja 1000. :bandit: definatly worth the trip.baja is a weird and wonderfull place.but dont go on your own.and definatly try not to look too wealthy.the sight and sound of a troughy truck coming at you full bore down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere is something to be experianced.if you go try and make it for a couple of weeks to realy take in baja,and then take in some sand blasting at the dunes east of sandiego.ask manxdavid he rode shotgun on that trip.
it was talking to you and Dave at the buggy weekend in Holland a few years back that sowed the seeds in my mind :)

I thought we were going back to Magaluff???? :D :D
I haven't yet, but I definitely will. :D
On my list of things to do. Along with Glamis.
billybob said:
On my list of things to do. Along with Glamis.
Mmmmm, Glamis. Never, ever forget my first time. Screaming up Comp Hill in a 260-horse methanol-burning rail, or hurtling round a sand bowl and then flipping over the ridge at the top into another bowl. The most exhilerating thing I've ever experienced. Better than 203mph at the Pod or flying at 50ft through the Pennines in a Jet Ranger. Almost as good as your first blow job... Almost. :)
Well I remember my first BJ and it wasn't all that great. Too much teeth involvement.
Also remember your cover on the 94 VolksWorld with the 2 rails-prized possession!!
Bought Sand Mania from Mrs KS and always looking for Sand action links.
It's just where I want to be if that makes sense, although it seems all the high dollar stuff is going away from VW at the moment. Both in engine and suspension form.
before we got to mexico me n dave went on a shop tour round LA ,and the sand toys that were being built were unreal(like sand rails with northstar v8,s)the yanks take sand SERIOUS.i keep trying to get to the sandsport super show and the off road expo at pomona.if i win the lottery who,s up for a grand tour? :bandit:
billybob said:
Well I remember my first BJ and it wasn't all that great.
you shouldn't have swallowed ;)
CheekyMonkey said:
you shouldn't have swallowed ;)
You made me :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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