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anyone good with DVD burning software?

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Basically i have a file that i want to burn (as a backup) and it's too big for a dvd. I have a programme called DVD Shrink but it wont recognise the file as it's not already on a DVD etc.

Anyone know of a prog i can use to shrink the file to fit without losing quality etc?
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Can you not compress it to a more reasonable size with winzip or something?
no, don't want a zip file.

It's an AVI file and i want to be able to view it on my DVD player etc.
2 ways as far as I can see

crop the avi
convert the AVI to MPEG format and specify output file size.....Something like AVI to DVD will do it. I can't tell you how to get the software apart from buy it :rolleyes:
What's the bitrate of the AVI at the moment?
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