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Anyone just seen Jon Smith on telly?

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Jon Smith - that bloke who used to work for TotalVW mag was just on 5th Gear - nice hair do mate!
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Whats with the new presenters ????????

Jesus if it wasnt for Tiff, it would not be being watched !!!!!!!!!!

What a load of crap tbfh !!!!!!!!!

Whos presenting now then?
What a crock of shit.

VBH being VBH.

Jon Smith, in full 'Max Power schlag monkey' mode doing old news and Tim Nice-But-Wanky who admits he knows nothing about cars.

Meanwhile Tiff's complaining he can't get the arse out in a 4WD computer controlled Evo - it's doing everything it can not to get the arse out, that's why it has active diffs etc.

Fuck me, roll on Top Gear.

Hamster - you owe it to us to get well, we don't want to be left with this pap!
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Tiff, Vikki BH, Tom Ford and some complete tool called Tim Lovejoy - it sucks ass.

Don't know if Jon Smith is going to be a regular on it or not??
now they do seem to be trying too hard to copy Top Gear, should of left out the funnies and stuck to testing cars, imo :D
My scores for the presenters

VBH 12/10 ;)
Our old mate Jon (he is a registered user here ;) ) 9/10
Tom Ford Nil points
Tiff Nill points

Incidently, Jon also writes for Practical Classics ;)
yep - definitely wasn't the best telly I've seen!

anyway - can't slag it too much - Mr Smith did a couple of great articles on a pair of my bugs back in the day!
Max Power Schlag here! Well, so some of you say.....

...actually I had my hair like that some 5 years before I ever worked on Max Power, but still.

Like I posted in the other 5th Gear thread, I welcome any ideas you feel could be used on the show this series. Just email me direct on [email protected] and I will put them to the producers.

TV stuff always divides opinion massively, but that's life. I'm not claiming to be some superstar or anything ridiculous. I am simply a motor journalist who managed to get the opportunity to do some stuff in front of the camera on terrestrial tv. My daytime job is still mostly writing about old/new/custom cars on websites and mags.

You may want to keep watching out for some mad rides on 5th Gear. i am trying my hardest to get some niche interest old stuff in there....

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Jon - thing that ruined it the most for me was that lovejoy bloke - didn't have a clue what he was on about and his attitude / manner is soooooooo annoying!
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