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Anyone know anything about mobile phones?

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Ive got a Motorola Razor. I havent dropped it or got it wet or anything but today it started really fuking up???

It dials the number 4 constantly by itself? then reads battery running out then it reads the batterys ok??? I cant use it because it keeps dialing itself???

Anyone help? I use it as a works phone so really need it?
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try throwing it on the floor, works for my shitty Nokia !!!!
motorola have a real BIG problem with the razors, because there was such a demand when released a lot of shops bought in stock from outside the uk that was shite. I know 11 people who had one and only 2 have had no problems, my daughters on her third in a year:rolleyes: , take it back and get it sorted or do a search on the mobile phone forums for help.
Pyro said:
try calling derek acora ... :lol: his numbers 444.44

no shit thats numberwang
If you hit "4" a few times - it will break, therefore allowing you to use the other numbers. :incheek:
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