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Anyone know if the World Series is being televised here?

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A mate of mine is desperate to watch the World Series (esp. Detroit Tigers games) anyone know if its going to be on BBC/Sky? Can't find any info on the net.

Thanks :)
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is this the rounders world series ;) if it is hasn't it just finished?
Five still show live games and used to show the whole world series. Their site is being a pain for me though so can't confirm if they are showing the whole lot this year :)
DarrenW said:
World Series? How are England doing? :lol:
it's named after a newspaper :)
keep your eye on Ch5 late night, they always used to show live games. :)
spiny said:
it's named after a newspaper :)
:lol: Ahh I see. Every day is a school day :D
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