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Can anyone get to Sliverstone next Sunday .......

........ & can make it to the circuit next Sunday, 15th October for the final rounds of the British Touring Car Championships ???

I have 1 FREE ticket.

This is a General Admission ticket & allows you access to a Grandstand seat & the Paddock.

Track activity begins at 9am & the 3 rounds (races) are at 10.20am, 1pm & 4.15pm.

You can also purchase separate tickets : Advance = £15 or £20 on the day.

This is a complimentary ticket so I am giving it away to the first person who wants it.

First person to ask gets BUT PLEASE DONT ASK IF YOU CANT GO !!!

I cannot attend hence im giving this away, gotta take the missus & Jnr & her freind and her child to the airport :(

A most excellent day out for a Motorsport fan.

I wont get any replys until late this evening as im now setting off out for the day.




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Looks like a danm good day !!

If that was goodwood, I'd be right in there. :D :p
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