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Anyone near Sunderland for advice?

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Is there anyone near Sunderland willing to give me some advice on body panel matters? :)
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1303 to low cal said:
Is there anyone near Sunderland willing to give me some advice on body panel matters? :)
There's a few of us around the North East. What type of advice do you need?
Try posting on the www.theangelvwclub.co.uk

There's a few members from mackem land on there - if not try Jay in newcastle at the bug shop - depends on what your after new panels? if so the club has good links with GSF and we get a 10% discount :D

hope this helps
Erm, i live in Sunderland. I'll try to help if i can.....feel free to call me on the number below.......

8urn's right though there is a load of info on the website. :hangloose


07966 303887
Give me a call if you want Im in Hetton-le-Hole

Brian Burrows said:
Cheers lads. I am at work at the moment. I get back on friday so i will look to get in touch after that. It's good to know I am not alone !!! :D
No worries, matey..... :hangloose

My main worry is about replacing the fron quarters, both sides seem pretty poor and I am not sure wether I should replace or not. (They seem pretty pricey @ 395 = 20 quid post for a 1303) :(
:eek: must remember to read what I type before I post!!
Nic BC had a massive resto thread on here. He was welding up a 1303 which needed just about every panal available!

Try a search to find or give Nic a call direct, his number is in his reply above.

Hope that helps....

As I say just give me a call on friday and come over to my workshop with car if you can then you can compare it with one here showing available panels etc.
I would love to bring the car but its in 2 halfs :D :eek:
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