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Anyone want anything from the US?

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Right here we go. I'm not sure if this is in the right section or not. I might be looking into getting a container and filling it with bits from the US that people want but don't want to pay silly prices for shipping. So what I am proposing is this:
1) I go over there and collect bits people want (Pay direct to seller)
2) Put said item in container
3) Ship container to UK
4) Collect or meet at show to collect bits (Poss delivery)

I would be looking to fill a 20 or 40 foot container and bits for rental space in container will be calculated on space taken up. Also can do vehicles if people want but would need to work out beforehand as the container would be full of parts as well, so ideal for projects. As an indication I reckon £30 costs for a door (Includes vat/customs/delivery costs)

So basically you buy it, I pick up and ship it?

What do you think?
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Could you ship my in laws over please :D
if you actually do it, a mate wants a Vintage coca cola metal cool box and a 1965 Samba dash clock.
I'll have 1 of the tarts from hooters please! :D
I would definitely be interested - I want a specific seat

Need to know timings as there is a (short-ish) lead time on them
Yeah i want a fucking visa so i can go over there :mad:
:D i'd like a visa too,the bloke at the us embassy said something about hell freezing over :D

sounds a good idea if you can sort it :)
You will pick the stuff up?? Are you mad, have you ever been to the USA and tried to run around for parts?
How will you sort and split all the customs and the duties?
What if stuff goes missing or gets damaged on the way?
When it gets here you will have just 7 days to get all sorted cleared and away from the docks before you get extra charges, do you have plenty of storage?

I have often brought stuff over for close friends, and i dont anymore, proved just to much hard work and risk
dirtydave said:
I'll have 1 of the tarts from hooters please! :D
can i have a hooters t-shirt. the one that says "More than just a mouthful".
can i come with ya? i know freight forwarders at NY and in the UK.
i'd like a rail frame kit from fisher buggies, any chance?
well, seeing as youre asking.....

a front bumper with overriders, with the towel rail, and GENUINE VW chrome, none of this repro SH%T!!! sorry, but repros just dont cut my mustard!!

and ata decent price, i would pay for the shipping to my addres as well!!


Pm me
Volks-Widow said:
can i have a hooters t-shirt. the one that says "More than just a mouthful".
Originally Posted by dirtydave
I'll have 1 of the tarts from hooters please!
Oh and i don't want her ^^^^^ second hand one.
markjamesm said:
i'd like a rail frame kit from fischer buggies, any chance?
Why not buy one from me?
Why not buy one from me?
Coz i'm a tight git! and they are only 400 usd. :rolleyes:
Plus packing charge, plus shipping, plus import duties & VAT.

I ship quite a bit in from the US and as has already been said to sort out the import duty & VAT on multiple items for different people with multiple receipts would be a nightmare.
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