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Assorted Games console Items for repair/spares

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I have the following availble as a JOB LOT which are suitable for spares or repair. Not all of it has been tested so you may find that there are plenty of items working and ready to sell straight on, however i no longer have the time or space to do this with 3 young kids and self employment!

Playstation 1 Grey 12
PS1 Controllers (asst colours & styles) 57
Official ASCII Joystick 1
Dance UK Microphone Kit 1
PS1 Multitap 1
PSOne Fold Out LCD Screen

Playstation 2 'Fat' 2
Playstation 2 'Slimline' 3
PS2 Controllers (asst colours and styles) 8
PS2 DVD Remote Control 18

Xbox Black 5
Xbox Controller (asst styles) 8

All the above come with an assortment of Power and AV leads.

Gameboy Colour (Pokemon Edition) 1
Ping Pong Electronic Game 1
Gameboy Link Cable 2
Gameboy 3-way link cable 1i
Gamecube Controllers (asst styles & Colours) 5

there may be one or two amendments to this list but if any it will be an increase in numbers as i find more items.

Total price is £80 for the lot, im not looking to split this bundle at all as its now boxed up ready for collection.

Would prefer not to send this lot by courier due to the fact that
its not packaged for courier etc.

I am located in Bedford. I am willing to swap/trade for other items/WHY .

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Note, those numbers next to the lists are quantitys! not prices! total Price is £80!!
did these sell?

if not, are you willing to sell the PS1 & PS2 pads separately?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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