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baby monitor help

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My wife and I are expecting our first baby and she has gave me the task of findiny a baby monitor. We both fancy a video and sound monitor but im geting bogged down with all the diferent systems on the market. I have been looking at network camera's and baby monitors. It would have to be wireless obviously but im really not sure what system to get for the best. We live in a in a farm house so need one that can get through the two and a half foot thick walls that are between our room and the babies. Anyonr have any recommendations or advice please?
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we have the BT digital baby monitor plus,its very good,shows room temp/lights up if it gets to hot,as well as sound it also lights up green to red depending on the level of noise,it has a light button on your unit so you can turn the light on which is on the bedroom unit without going in,you can also talk into the babys monitor without going into the room so they can hear you,we got ours from Mothe Care,i think it was around £70-90the range is 100m i think :)
We have the BT one that dosen't have the temp monitor? It's great, good sound quality, works over a good distance, runs on batteries, good range too.
I have a BT one as well - for sale if you want to try it out, not got around to ebaying it yet. IF you interested / want I'll dig out the model number.

Been great though, works over long distance, battery and mains.
BT models are the best

the video camera ones are a bit pants to be honest,i've tried a few but then i'm a fussy git :incheek:
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