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Battery charging mystery

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Last week I noticed that underneath the battery on my 6 Volt 1966 Beetle there was a lot of white powder (which I assume to be iron sulphate) and a two inch hole in the battery tray. I posted on here as I thought it might be a dodgy voltage regulator over-charging the battery and causing the electrolyte to boil over. Speedy Jim agreed that it might be, but suggested that I check the charging voltage before doing anything else.
I tested the battery yesterday and it was charging at a rate of just over 6.6V when idling and just under 7.5V when revved. The individual cells were producing a tad over 2V each. There was no evidence of electrolyte running down the side of the battery and the metal cover over the top was totally clean. I topped up the electrolyte level last week and it has remained at the correct level, but there is definately more white powder there than last week and the hole is a little bigger too.
I assume that the voltage regulator is OK and that there is another cause. Intermittant fault on the regulator? Dodgy battery? Any other suggestions?
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There may be a tiny vent concealed somewhere which
is trickling fluid out. Or....a flaw in nthe case leaking.

Get a plastic kitchen tray or some sort to sit the battery in
as a temporary fix.
Will do - any suggestion of a leak and I'll get a new battery. Thanks very much.
1303 to low cal said:
I still think the problem is that your battery in relation to the surrounding area is warm. The battery naturally produces vapour through the breathers in the top and this is" droping out" as white deposits arround the battery. I have worked with large battery banks for generators in the past and these suffer because they are in cold sheds and so the white powder forms near to the batteries.

Hope this helps
I see your point. The acidic fumes might be condensing on the cold surfaces. Any suggested remedies?
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