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Bay Dormobile Interior

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For sale on eBay but can be ended for the right price for a complete VW t2 camper dormobile interior consisting of kitchen unit, rock n roll bed, buddy seats, wardrobe,mattress, table and door trim cards (except sliding door card if its not in my garage) This interior ready to fit to your bus. Wood in very good condition. I put the interior in to use while I finish my other interior hence the sale. The mattress and r n r bed have been recovered, just the buddy seats to recover and I'll throw in the left-over material if I can find it. Plenty of storage. No hammocks or cooker included though. Any questions don't hesitate to ask by email or phone 07792419388


p.s. pics to follow tomorrow
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Please add a price as per the forum rules. Thanks in advance :)
sorry, never posted before. £400
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