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bay pics

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bay pics with pop out windows

Trying to get pics up of my 73 bay be patient......
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tried and failed...............................
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as you can see finnally got my pop out windows fitted and working just got to tidy up the extra holes i drilled . now i know how to i will scan pics of full resto on keep um peeled its had major surgery. just detailing underneath and about to start the long stroke motor build ready and rolling in may nxt year. :) :) wHAT DO YOU THINK NARROW THE BEAM OR NOT THINKING OF CARERRA CUPS 2 ?
6yrs and not finished said:
I love those pop out windows, where did you you find them, they are well cool.
pop outs

custom made glass. splitty catches which had to be taken apart and assembled differently fabricated bits and bobs mate.took an age to get them working properly
Those pop outs are so cool. Someone should market a set, would sell like hotcakes. Great job man.
6yrs and not finished said:
custom made glass. splitty catches which had to be taken apart and assembled differently fabricated bits and bobs mate.took an age to get them working properly
It's a credit to ya, they look fantastic.
van was a total wreck to full rear corners complete rear side panel inner outer sills both arches list goes on. i will scan some b4 piccies when i have 5mins. i .may get some of the pop glass made up in sets to sell nxt year not sure on costs yet as the catches cost £160.00. lots of fabricating bits and bobs to get them to fit. glass was pricey to i think they would cost aroung £1000.00 with seals etc and fitting kits not to sure yet. will make a second sett up in winter to total cost. like i said there has been days of work just working out how to use splitty catches. nxt sett will be even better..
Well I think the windows are a fantastic idea. I would love a set.
finished of painting engine bay, and colour coding dash last weekend, took suspension parts for powder coating last week just detailing under cariage. pics to come this week end. need to scan old pis prior and during resto.... only have weekends every other week to finishit, may dead line..............
Loving the windows, might have to look at copying that idea one day ;):D
if u need any info on how just ask matey
Firstly.....my hats off you mate, that is a nice job - the van looks great!

Question from me:

Are you a Body Repairer / Sprayer by trade?

If not how did you learn how to do it and can you point me in the direction so i can tackle mine......any help would be appreciated.


tony m
my bro has some experience as body repairs . ive been into cars since i was very young had neighbours who used to do old cars up. just watched learnt etc. 1 MAJOR BIT OF ADVICE. i started mine 6 yrs ago had a mad 12 mths doing it then went back racing M X. started it when foot and mouth was on as there was no racing on. left it for 3 yrs and then retired from racing. so sent it to paint shop. I am now doing a few repairs unde neath which i should of done a1 at the start. bit long winded that. anyway dont think ahh that will do. you will always regret it.
Looking cool matey bet ya can't wait for ya engine :)
i love the windows mate,my bus doesnt have any opening windows at the back and this would be a perfect idea,much better looking than those slatted looking ones
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