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We are a small restoration company based in the south west UK (Bristol)

We specialise in aircooled Vw's but we can restore any vehicle and we take special interest in war time vehicles.

We offer media blasting, welding (mig/Tig), panel fabrication and powder coating - paint work, all done in house.

For over ten years we have been media blasting vehicles for customers and restoration company's from barndoor sambas to ford cosworth's and everything in between!

On site we have a large low bake paint oven for vehicles and a medium sized power coating oven.

For Media blasting we have a huge blast room capable of fitting a tank inside, with the latest equipment and media being used.

Our services range from MOT checks to full drive in drive out restoration work.

If you would like to inquire about any of our services please contact email us.

[email protected]

For photos of work done in the past please see our old site/threads here
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We have got in another bench, a Celette M8 model for building splitscreen chassis and jig work across the Vw/Porsche vehicle range.

First job with be making a chassis for the 1960 Double door we have in!

And yes in the back ground you can see a T5 which we are giving a full repaint to.


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