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Keep the body on the chassis until you are sure that the door openings have been stabilised, (heater channels door pillars and rear quarter panels all welded in and door gaps correct), to prevent the shell from warping.
The bodyshell is still quite heavy, I reduced weight by removing Doors, Wings, Engine lid, Bonnet, Fuel tank and all Glass.
4 strong lads can then lift the shell (or just 2 if you only lift one end at a time).
Then I supported the shell on trestles made from car ramps standing on end, and steel poles (scaffolding at the heavier rear).
Raising the shell gradually, and moving the poles up one 'step' on the ramps each time.
I can't raise it very high as my garage roof is quite low, but only needed enough to roll the chassis out.
It looks a bit 'makeshift', but it is quite stable:
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As above, I did all the body welding with it on the chassis, then lifted it off and bolted the front mounts to a workmate.
Sat the rear on a beam under the rear shock mounts and sat that on another workmate.
the yet another beam under the middle of the sills sat on axle stands.
Gave me access to the underside to finish off all the welding.



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I initially built a couple of large saw horses made from reclaimed wood I picked up cheap. Nothing fancy and all held together with coach bolts. These were made big enough to allow the chassis to be rolled underneath and saved critical garage space when I was working out of a small lock-up:

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