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Seeing as this forum has a big reach to people all over the place I thought I'd try this here.

A while back - I think it was first half of 2005 - I was driving my Hillman Imp Californian (blue coupe, reg. OME 309E) up to the Bowlplex in Tunbridge Wells (Kent) and there was a blue Bug being worked on in the layby. There was a Passat in front of it that had towed it there from the nearby A21.

I parked up and went to check out what the problem was with the Bug. Despite the inconvenience of the car troubles the people were sooooooooo friendly and asked about my car, I asked about theirs etc. I think they said it was an electrical fault of some sort. I really wanted to help but a) had no tools and b) knew (know) nothing about Beetles. They said it was cool and wished me a good evening of playing pool. When I left an hour or so later they'd gone. Always wondered if they got it fixed and if they've still got it.

They said they were from Staplehurst and the Beelte was medium metallic blue (might have been a Cabrio).

Anyone on here? If so, hi and sorry I couldn't be of more help!

Ironically, talking to them and realising what cool people they were, I knew I really should get in VW's!
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