Hello everyone,

Trying to help my old man out with selling his Beetle project.

He bought it about five years ago as something to do in retirement and to relive his 1970s youth. Unfortunately after splitting the body from the pan he kind of lost interest as it needed more welding than he had anticipated (isn't there always!)
  • All the major parts are there.
  • Engine was strong and had a load of money thrown at it by the PO. Since it was removed it has been shrink wrapped and stored in a dry warehouse. Not entirely sure on specs... I will try to get some more info.
  • All the bolt on panels are good.
  • Body and floorpan will need a fair bit of work if you want to salvage them. They have been covered, but stored outdoors for a while. If you don't want them, make an offer for the mechanicals and we will scrap the shell.
I have more detailed images, and can put you in touch with him if you are interested. Just PM me.

I'm more into classic British rusty money pits, so less sure on the value of VW stuff... £1000 is just a nice round number to get things started, but I'm sure my dad will be open to negotiation if you are truly interested.

Thanks for looking.