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beige square northampton

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does any one own a beige squareback on here i saw it today and also saw it last week tis very nice. i was in the blue beetle near the university
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we were out flyering for the other n'pton club meet on sat and spotted it up acre lane.very nice, :D got a pic on my phone i'll see wether i can retrieve it ;)
nice early bay a few doors down as well

oh yeh i had my bug flyerd in morrisons car park think it may have been by a olive green bay cus i saw taht leave morrisons car park

spotted this as well, down watkin terrace:D

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yes that square is very nice
I know the owner, don't think he comes here though, I think its his daily driver, lammy did you see my mates mango camper just down the road from that square?
yeah very nice, flyered that as well :D spotted loads we'd never seen before all over kingsthorpe and the mounts,doing the town in stages,better not all turn up at once :eek:
he bought that van off here for three and a half grand, bargain eh!! so you weren't the dodgy fellas sniffing round my van in Abington then, some blokes pulled up apparently and were having a good look, probably just like it but i get really paranoid!!
Will deffo be at meet this month, busy or no busy you better make time to talk to me !!! :D :D
mine didnt get flyered??? why not i have to ask, and what meet is that you are talking about
there are two meets in northampton...

one the second wednesday and another on the last wednesday
we didnt walk every street :crazy:
see my first post for web addy ;)
miss one meet? no probs you now have two to get your fix ;)
or if your greedy do both like me :D
whens yours then, it would be good to know

bugbabe22 said:
there are two meets in northampton...

one the second wednesday and another on the last wednesday

;) maybe changin to sunday afternoon over the winter,but not yet ;)
the dude with the square used to live round the corner from us in adnitt road, really sound chap. it used to belong to puppy i think.
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