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best way to clean a gear box

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i want to clean out the inside of the box before putting it on the van.The axles are off so would be looking to flush it with something.What do you reccommend?
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I wouldn't attempt to "clean" it inside unless I had it all stripped down first.

Best bet for "flushing" - drain the oil, clean the magnetic plugs, fill with cheapo hypoid gear oil, give it about 500 miles, then drain, clean the mag plugs again, and refill with quality stuff.

Just read about the axles being off - if you really suspect some crud has got in there while it's been off the car then I'd strip it to clean it out.

With flushing you'll never be certain you've got every last bit of crud out.
thinking on the same lines then :)

the box has been apart for fitting a new dif..then stored in a garage.didnt want to fit it all up only to have to take it all out again

cheers Guys :)
You can get special flushing oil for engines, You can probably get the same sorta stuff for gearboxes. Pour it into the oil when not full, run it a bit then drain. Flush with cheap oil for say 500 miles then put some good stuff in

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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