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Help! I'm trapped in here
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Long shot but the feelers are going out everywhere.

I'm after a set of bicycle workshop repair tools, for a little community project I'm working on starting up here in sunny Stamford.

I've recently acquired tons of old bikes, with different bottom bracket standards and head sets and so on and so forth.

Usually when I need a tool, I just buy it, but going forward with this there's a chance I'll need more than one set of tools and it can and will get expensive.

So, if anyone has any old tools, from chain tyre leavers to full on workshop kits that they want to get shot of, please get in touch.

I'm working on a very low budget, as I'm trying to raise as much as I can from this to go back into the project and make money for local good causes.

I'm slowly working my way though a 5 year plan for this, which will eventually end up with a property dedicated to "workshops and repairs" and a bit of a bike kitchen/co-operative thing going on. Once I get to that stage, I'll be able to angle for proper funding to buy "kits" and have "bays" set out with stands and benches for repairs and workshop classes. I'm in talks with people who run similar projects and people who have offered to volunteer time to the project.

Until then though, I need whatever you've got gathering dust that you're not using. I've started to build myself a wheel truing stand, and a dish tool, but as I started to look through the park tools website, I realised that I lack a fair bit of stuff.

So I'm after..

Bottom Bracket spanners for most types
Bearing cup presses (I've always used threaded bar and plates for this, and am happy to keep using this method, however if I'm going to show people how to build and repair their own projects, I really want tools to show them, rather than lashed on bits of scrap!)
Pedal Spanners
Spare Cone spanners
Derailleur alignment tools
Ball headed Allen keys
tyre levers, you can never get enough
spoke keys, again you can never get enough, always going missing
chain removal tool
Cable pullers
cable cut/finishing tools

I'd also like to start buying consumables in bulk.

So if anyone in trade had contacts for things like brake cables, tubes, puncture patches, bearings, grease, that kind of stuff, I'd be hugely grateful.

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