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Bosch SMS 503 Dishwasher

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Bosch Dishwasher (SMS 503) - possibly use as is, or maybe for spares or repairs?

This Bosch dishwasher has been a firm family friend over a good few years now, built when Bosch built things to last, but reluctantly it is now time to move on!

Recently it had started to occasionally 'stick' on the timer cycle. Normally we would simply turn it on a notch on the dial and normal service would then be resumed. But it would be annoying if you had put a load on at night only to find in the morning, the program had stuck and the load had not been completed. Maybe this could be easily fixed? Just that we have chosen not to use it since, opting to get a replacement.

It has 5 programs to chose from including; pre-rinse, 65ºc Super, 65ºc Normal, 55ºc Economy and 55ºc Quick, all of which means you don't need a masters degree to operate it, as in reality (as I'm sure if you have had a dishwasher in the past you will know) you tend to only use 1 or 2 different settings on an everyday basis.

Over the period of time we have had it (we bought it from new from John Lewis) it has served us very well as a family and never gone wrong before which speaks highly of the build quality, but now a couple of the upright dividers that are used to separate dishes have broken off, and where large sharp bread/carving knives have been put into the racks, they have obviously made slight cuts in the plastic coating on the racks, and this in turn has lead to small isolated areas of rust to develop on the racks. I have taken some pictures below to show this for you.

Like I said, none of this has been a real issue for us, but now having recently moved house, we have finally decided to update the dishwasher with a newer one, so this is now up for grabs. I also have the original operating instructions/manual for it.

£40 collected
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