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hi guys well ive had to make the tough decision to sell my nintendo wii if im honest i hardly use it and its just sitting under my telly unloved ive got a new baby on the way end of febuary so the money would come in handy somewhere else

heres the details

wii console in box with instructions leads and bits,

3 sensor bars 2 being with wires one being brand new in packet and this is a wireless one,

2 wii remotes

2 wii nunchucks

1 wii remote nunchuck gun adapter (thing that you can shoot telly with lol)

1 boogie game with offical ea microphone,

super paper mario with instructions,
prince of persia rival swords with instructions,
mario party 8 with instructions,
big brain academy with instructions,
rayman raving rabbids with instructions,
resident evil 4 with instructions,
pikmin 1 and 2 for gamecube but plays on wii,
lugigis mansion gamecube,
legend of zelda twilight princess gamecube

all in full working order and well looked after as its mine so no sticky fingers or scratches lol

i paid nearly £600 for the lot so make me an offer postage be 20 quid thats special delivery next day with insurance

i can take paypal or postal order or personal cheque but will take time to clear and the console be sent out once money has cleared.

or even i suppose cash by recorded delivery

heres some photos


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still no offers for the whole lot ive had a lot of requests to sell single items and if i get no offers on the whole lot i will be advertising singles bits 2morrow so grab a bargain quick, the lowest ill take on it is £450 and thats a bargain for this lot anyone??

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right-i-o ok so here is a list of the wii and gamecube games ive got,selling um singily

super paper mario = £25

prince of persia rival swords = £25

mario party 8 = £25

big brain academy =£20

rayman raving rabbids =£30

resident evil 4 =£20

pikmin 1 =£ 15

pikmin 2 =£25

luigi's masion =£10

legend of zelda twilight princess =£35 (bit of a rare one)

boogie with microphone =£30

if your interested let me know many thanks
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