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Brake Fluid leaking

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I have got a prob with a leaking brake fluid reservoir. The leak seems to be coming from the underneath where it joins to pipe going down. Does anybody know if has any seals in the bottom of the reservoir, or could it just be the join, IE if I play around with the join could I fix it?

The pedal seems a little spongy on first press, but goes hard on the second press, so I think there might be some air in the system. I will need to bleed it anyway.

I have got an early bay
Cheers in advance
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Originally the pipe from the reservoire is of a hard tranlucid plastic and there is a black rubber seal thats like a very thin bit of pipe that seals between the two hard plastics. If tightening the screw clamp a little (careful its plastic) doesent solve it then take the pipe off (dont let the fluid spill onto the paint) and replace the seal.
thats great thanks, I have tried to tighten it but it still seems to be leaking. Any ideas where I can get a replacement seal?
is it this one from JK? It seems to be bigger than the 1 there at the moment?

No thats the ones that fit in the master cylinder where the plasic reservior plugs into it. The one you want is the one for the remote filler reservoir as per the diagram Moby posted :)
I thought it looked different.

I can't find the other one, the new JK site is impossible to find anything.

Have checked GSF and they dont seem to sell them.

Any other ideas where to get them from.
nice one, thanks. Do you think it is worth changing the pipe as well. It looks like if I order the pipe you get the seals included so for the extra £1 might do that. Will check with them first to make sure.
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