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Brake Pipe ends

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I need to get some brake pipes made up for my 73, 1200 bug.

Does anyone know what size the brake pipe ends are and also what size spanner I need.

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You can buy the pipes pre-made if you wanted too...

I seem to rememeber they're about a 13mm but don't quote me on it.
I thik its an 11 mm spanner if I rememeber and the ends are 10mm unions.

I bought my pipes already made to the correct lengths from coolair, or was it Customspeedparts. They came with all the right pieces all with the correct flarings and unions attached.
Fitted perfectly and not too expensive if I remember.
Cheers Guys !
Beetle brake pipe fittings have the standard metric Brake union thread, the male ends on the rigid pipes are the short ones, (there are 2 standard lengths available), the shop making your lines will have these in stock. They had an 11 mm A/F head originally, but the replacements all seem to have a 10 mm head now. both have the same thread though.
What thickness copper pipe do i need ?

Its not copper pipe, it is steel pipe which is copper plated to prevent rust. Standard brake line is used.
Hope this helps
kiaora said:
What thickness copper pipe do i need ?

I think its 3/16''
Ask the shop for KUNIFER pipe, it's a Copper, Nickel and Iron alloy, resists corrosion like copper, but is much harder. (it needs a heavier professional pipe flaring press than the plain copper pipe). Copper is acceptable for Brake pipes in the U.K, as long as it is properly clipped in place, it's a bit soft, but easier to work with . Interestingly, Copper brake tube is not acceptable by the TUV (German MOT), they consider it too easily damaged.
also you must make sure they use a double flare
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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