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Bug on a budget project...

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inspecting the bug for the first time... :D
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i couple of months back i purchased my first bug (above), a 72 1300 for £350 off ebay. i'm only 15 and have no substantial income so the aim of this project was to get the car back on the road and spruced up a bit for £700 including the cost of the car. I thought it was a bit of a bargain at the time as it had not failed its MOT, just hadn't been tested. All it needed was some brake and headlight adjustment... until i started poking round with a screwdriver, to my suprise most of the car was really solid and the only point of concern is that the drivers side heater channel has rotted under the rear seat. :crazy:
the first thing i did when i got the car home was to do a basic strip down to check all the rot spots, i was pleasantly suprised!

and this is the car as it looks now... from the outside except a new right hand front wing is on its way.
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does anyone have any ideas of what i could do with my remaining £250ish? bear in mind i have no acess to welding eqipment but do have a shiny HVLP spray gun. thanks
set of wheels and lowering ?

might be able to scrape it for that :)
if i can do it cheaply enough i'll slam it to the ground, i dont know about wheels though, maybe i'll save up for some nice porsche wheels or sprints later on :hangloose
firstly, the restoration must begin!
first of all i got the engine running sweet, with a little fettling of ye old stock carb. Seems to be running pretty sweet having been recently reconditioned and having a brand new exhaust, new complete 009 ignition system, new fan belt, 2 new pullies, all new tin, carb manifold ends and alternator. :D
looking good to me

the next job on the list was to check out the pans which i already knew were pretty solid, when i'd ripped up the carpets i was in awe, the pans were perfect, not one hole. So i promptly bare metalled them and put down 2 coats of primer and some black smoothrite.
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Nothing wrong with a stocker, cheapest cars to build and of course the thing about a bug is that you don't have to do a thing with them to make them cool, they are cool out of the factory! Modifying one just adds coolness, all the shitty motors in Max Power need serious money spent before anyone would evern look twice but a bug needs nothing, my advise would be to spend on the essentials first :)
and the essentials are what shall be and have been attended too, how right you are! :hangloose

next job on the agenda was inspecting the heater channels so i removed and disposed of the old rotten running boards and set to work stripping the paint behind. this is what i found...

amazingly shiny fresh metal, it seems the forward area of the cills have been repaired quite a while back and have lasted. Even though the repairs are not to aesthetically pleasing doesn't matter to me as on this kind of budget the if it aint broke dont fix it mentality is very important :hangloose
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And don't forget that you always find hidden rust when you can least afford to do anything about it ;)
Oh and well done matey, I got my first bug when I was 14, thats seven years ago last month, scary :D
i dont suppose if anyone could tell me whether you can replace just the rear half of a heater channel? most the channel is pretty solid but the left hand side under the rear seat has rotted out on all sides. :incheek:
well, now on to the next job. My main concern was the electrical switchgear when i bought this car as most of the dash switches were missing! i've fixed this for now with a shiny race style switchboard which is clamped to the original radio opening. When i've found a 2nd hand set of indicator and wiper stalks i'll swap it back to stock though.

the next job on the list was to strip the rest of the interior. Behind the carpets i found.... suprisingly little rot! :coffeecup

the inner rear wings are looking nice and solid with only a few strong repairs around the bulkhead.

and on to the next job, the only rot i have found on the whole car so far is on the rear drivers side heater channel. Its not terrible but has basically no bottom plate left and small holes in both sides.

so i decided to investigate the rot with ye good olde tin snips, and made a rather large hole... :rolleyes:

this will be adressed later when i send the bug to a workshop :incheek:
and heres an update of what the car looks like now including freshly primered wheels.
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Good on ya mate im only 15 and brought a 66 back in march.

Replaced the drivers side heater channel, front inner wing, door post and rear quarter bottom.

Im now savin up for the rest of the panels.

The things that are outstanding that i need are:

boot floor
2x rear crossmembers
passanger heater channel
and a whole passanger rear quarter oh and need to soure rear pillars around window as thev roted away

But hay christmas is coming
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ok, so total costs now at £30 including a fresh can of red oxide, new front indicators, front wing and various seals and electrical parts! not bad.
so on to the next job, primering the recently baremetalled passenger side heater channel and the drivers side too, to prevent further rot.
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once i started prepping and primering i couldn't stop, heh, so i finished off rubbind down and stripping the drivers side front quarter panel and slapped a coat of red oxide on it!
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thanks jack, christmas isn't too far away at all really!
did you replace that heater channel yourself?
what are you planning to do with it

im thinking of going down the resto cal root myself.

Whats the condition of the floor pan and boot floor

no i cut it out and my step-dad welded it in he does the welding i do the cutting
i think ive spent bout £300 on it so far not including the price of the car
the boot floor and floor pan are pretty solid with no holes, very suprising considering the price i paid!
as for the look i'm going for, i think a late model resto cal eventually, but the main aim at the mo is to get it on the road so it'll be a little ratty. :rolleyes:
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