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Bug repair panels - GSF ?

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Any good ??????? , im umming and arring wether to bother sorting my bug out and they seem to be fairly well priced ??

The intended victim -

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They are no better, and no worse than anyone else's pattern repair panels. (with the exception of the excellent but expensive Hookeys). They do a reasonable job for a reasonable price. may need 'massaging' to get them to fit nicely, and will need extensive corrosion protection if you don't want to have to replace them next year. Alternatively, pay top whack, and get Genuine VW panels from Heritage.
I thought as much, i got the last set for it from GSF ( when it was just plain old german and swedish ) about 12 years ago, so if they last that long again i'll be happy, and its only going to be a summer use car this time instead of everywhere, everyday in all weathers......

thanks. :)
All depends what panels you want.
In quite a few cases only 1 panel is available in the uk and these are sold by different places at different prices. However, there are also some very good panels about like hookeys or 'genuine' front & rear quarters fron heritage
At the moment it seems heater channels are all that is required, thankfully................ :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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