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Bugs in Snow

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I got my first bug ('66) earlier this year and am using it as my daily, but heard on the radio this morning were in for a bad winter with lots of snow (yeah right!!)

Are beetles generally any good in snow?
(and anybody got any pics of their bug in snow????) :D
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this will be the 4th or 5th (cant remember) year of driving my bug through the winter. aslong as youve looked after it properly theres no reason he wont see it through

just remember plenty of layers :)
In snow they're great, it's just with salt on the roads they suffer!

Your other problem will be keeping all the windows demisted and defrosted.

Just remember that snow is fine, but be careful on ice (in any car!) and only drive as fast as your comfortable with - ignore all the idiots who think ABS / ASC etc will get them around that slippery corner, but carry a tow rope for when they get it wrong ;)
She looks very happy :)

Wait a minute - is she sitting on the towbar? :eek:
garethj said:
Wait a minute - is she sitting on the towbar? :eek:
Thats exactly what I thought!!! :eek:
My Baja Bug was fantasic in snow!
Never mind all these idiots in their school run 4x4s and tarmac tyres - Bugs are far superior because they're lighter and the weight is better distributed.

A Bug with road tyres is better in snow than a 4x4 with road tyres. Sure a big heavy 4x4 proberbly will be able to get out of a rut but it's better not to get stuck in the first place ;)
not a bug but heres my golf in the snow!

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I've had loads of fun in a bug in snow/ice round MFI carpark......WEEEEEEEEEEEE
Blue_Beetle said:
I've had loads of fun in a bug in snow/ice round MFI carpark......WEEEEEEEEEEEE
Think I will try that myself, sounds great fun!! :hangloose
This is the only time it snowed since i've had my car, hope i can have some fun in snow a little deeper this year! :)

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Mine is a daily and iv used it through the last two winters (and its got deck lid stand offs), It stared 1st time every time, more importantly they are Drifttastic :hangloose if you can find some nice quite roads. just practise your opposite lock skills in a car park and you will be fine.
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