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No idea if this is allowed here mods so if not, please remove.

I'm not sure whether everyone goes to look in the Items For Sale (non auto) forum so as the offer only runs for two weeks I thought I'd give it a push here :D

We've done our last show of the year this weekend so I've had permission from the mods here to offer our leftover show stock of adult's VW T shirts for sale at £10 each with free postage and packing (normal price on our website is £12 each plus P&P). We will donate 10% from each T shirt sale to Brads Cancer Foundation.

There are also a few ripper wallets with vans and beetles on, right at end of the thread. These are £4 each and we'll donate 10% from these too.

We'll still be printing to order as normal via our website but rather than sitting on this pre-printed show stock, we may as well sell it off and raise a bit of dosh for Brads in the process.

Please ask if you have any queries :)
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