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Would you buy from a company online with no info?

  • Yes I would 'cause I'm well trusting

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • No I wouldn't, why hide the info?

    Votes: 8 72.7%

Buying online, would you?

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I've just been looking at some websites from companies that sell stuff online and have noticed quite a few don't put any form of physical address or even a phone number, just an email address.

Would you wanna buy from these kind of companies? I'm just wondering 'cause for both my business online I have all information available. I'm looking at a new venture hense why I was looking.

Personally I wouldn't.

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If I cant find a physical address to go round and bash someone if it goes pearshaped then no.

Hang on... that might explain something....
I only tend to buy from established retailers I can look up with a quick Google.

Most of the time I stick with ones I've used before and trust...Dabs, Amazon, etc. :)
If they have an upto date digital certificate then they will have an address.
For me it would depend on the value of the item to be honest.

If there were NO contact details other than an email address, I'd steer clear full stop.

On our site, we have our full postal address and email contacts but no telephone number simply to avoid calls at stupid hours because we work from home. We are however, happy to give our number to customers who need it for whatever reason (although it doesn't happen often because people don't really have a need for it).
My-Shops said:
For me it would depend on the value of the item to be honest..
me too.......but maybe not in the way you'd think...

if its over £100, UK based, and payng by credit card, I wouldn't bat an eyelid - you have absolute protection under the Consumer Credit Act, same rights against the credit card co as agaisnt the retailer

if its less than £100.....I worry more (however strange that might seem)
Cheers guys for your feedback. I just find it odd that they decide to leave it off :crazy:
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