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Cal look seal problem...

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I been trying to put on some cal look seals on my 69 beetle but after two sets they both appear too small. I've already had a professional have a go at putting them in but he said they were to small.

Has anybody got there experiences and can i do this myself? Any hints and tips would be much appreciated. :coffeecup
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Have you got the correct seals for your model / year beetle ?

It sounds like you may be trying to fit early rubbers on a later car.

Are you having trouble with all the window seals or are some OK? If so , which ones are you having a problem with ?

Are you using genuine VW rubber ?

Does it make a difference in the original vw rubber then? Im presumming they are as i brought them from Vw heritage and mega bug! Im positive i brought the correct year..

Thanks for you help dave i will investigate.

The window glass in beetles went through several size changes, there's three windscreen sizes (not including the 1302 / 03), three side window sizes, and three rear window sizes (not counting splits or Ovals), so it's important you get the correct ones.

Genuine VW rubber is moulded to the shape of the glass, aftermarket stuff is formed in a long continous strip, then cut to length and the ends glued together. You'll know if you ordered the genuine VW stuff, because the side window seals come in left hand and right hand, because of the shape of the rubber.

The aftermarket rubber tends to stretch round the corners, let water under the rubber and split in the corners after a few years, although some are better than others.

These guys sell genuine VW rubber - http://www.status-vw.co.uk

Are you having the problem with all your windows or just certain ones ?

Some of them can be a bit of a stretch to go on the glass, but if your professional says they're too tight, and you trust him, then it looks like you have been sold the wrong ones.

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Hi Dave, Just looked at the link..the site is 'quality' you can tell that straight away. But, a little on the pricey side. As you say the others are prone to leaking and are inferior in quality i will purchase the ones of that website.Im not taking any chances.

Thanks for your Knowledge im sure there will be other questions i will need answering on volkszone again.

Regards Michelle
The cal look seals that I got from GSF did not fit AT ALL, and they were the correct year for the car. I ended up going with standard seals and living with the little slit for the trim. You get what you pay for and the more expensive rubbers are better fit and quality.

Status do them with and without the trim slit.
(standard model seals) without, deluxe seals, with.

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