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candy red & gold flake engine bay

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now i no it's not an old bug but i like to think i do things a little old school with my motors have a look at my pics ,i just got my engine cover back from the painters cos i had it smoothed and did away with the script :) the colour is a harley red candy with 22k gold flake- what ya think ? i would love to paint an old bug in that if i get another - u.s resto cal / low rider style would be cool.
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what a dick head www.pimpincab.piczo.com :eek:
Liking it..

Also prefer your rims woth the black centres..much better !
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the pic of the rims with black centre's is a photo shop that a pal did so i can see what they would look like before i paint them and i must say i love the look of them in black. i bought the wheels in the first place with doing the centre's black in mind so they would look like a newer type of fuch rim and i think they work better on the car and give it a meaner look :) less hair dresser like.
:) glad ya like the engine bay and the rims are my winter project i need to get a polishing kit for the lips and do it myself cos no one wants to know or if they do say they can do the job i'll have to sell mi body :D
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