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I've been rebuilding my engine and I've finally got the engine working again, but the problem I had when I started all this is still there.

The car idles fine until it warms up and then it dies. I've tried increasing the fuel, adjusting the bypass but they dont seem to make any difference.

I've replaced all the gaskets, piston rings, set the valves, replaced the points and condenser, re done the timing, replaced the dizzy, rotor arm, coil, cleaned the carb then oiled the moving parts. All to no avail.

I'm running out of things that it could be. :confused:
What about that little thing that goes into the side of the carb? Any other ideas? :(

Its a standard 1600TP.

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What about that little thing that goes into the side of the carb?
You mean the fuel cut-off valve, the one with the wire to the coil ? is it working ? screwed in tight ? it should click when you connect / disconnect the wire. if it doesn't, the engine will not idle once the choke goes off.

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As all the above.

Also - Inlet manifold air leak - did you use tin or card gaskets between heads and manifold ends ?

New rubber boots on manifold ? Did you use the correct VW clips to secure them or regular "jubilee" type hose clips ?

New gasket between carb and manifold ?

Vac pipe on manifold connected up to air filter, and no leaks on that pipe, heat valve or air filter hot/cold air flap ?

Possible carb icing - worth a quick check.

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