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can't get my carburettor off!

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I'm having a hard time getting my carburettor off. I can't undo the nut that's behind it 'cos there's no room. Does anyone have a clever trick up their sleeve as to how to do this? I have petrol dripping out of the areas shown when I run it :eek: and I've bought a repair kit, but can't even start like this.
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You can grind a spanner down to fit.
Or, loosen the nut nearest you, then "tilt" the carb away;
that will ease the pressure on the other nut and you may
be able to spin it off by hand or with a small chisel/screwdriver.
before you take it off, remove the air filter, look down inside your carb, you should see a brass elbow piece that the petrol comes out of. Try rotating it slightly, so that the petrol doesn't hit the side of the carb throat. Sounds daft, but an old guy I know did this to a camper of mine a few years back to cure a similair leak. It'l take 5 mins and ma\y or may not work ;)

So I got it off, and it turns out the front bolt that holds it on is loose in the carb, and 3 of the 5 screws in the top have at some time been too tightly wound in and were loose. They won't tighten any more, and when I put the car back together, there's petrol coming out all over the place.

Gonna get me another carb..... :rolleyes:
If your old Carb is German then don't throw it away...donate it to a Solex carb re-builder as the parts are useful..!!

When you buy your new carb buy a spanner that fits, like this. Also useful for exhausts and heat exchangers, among other things.
Hi Ditzy, I'll drop you off a couple of carbs tomorrow to try
Gee thanks!

sarious said:
Hi Ditzy, I'll drop you off a couple of carbs tomorrow to try
You're so good :D I didn't know it was gonna turn out to be such a pain job!!

Gonna be tryin to fit that tinware tomorrow too!
treat yerself to a good quality 13mm ratchet spanner, like a snap-on
or halfords pro (these have finer teeth than most and require less movement......ideal for tight spots)
1/2" AF spanners are also good to get these bolts tight ;) Imperial tools not so useless afterall! (Thanks to my dad for the tools from his Mini and to Jon for pointing this little trick out to me after taking an engine apart :D)
Baby's on the road again

Ok, so thanks to: Sarious, a replacement carb supplied by Sarious, a tin of carb cleaner, a Sunday, and all the moisture I ever had in my hands (god they are so dry now!) MY FACE LOOKS LIKE THIS: :D

It even stopped the idle problem that I had, so I won't be replacing the 009 distributor that it came with!

I can now go to the rock and roll weekend next week as I have cooool transport :elvis:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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