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Can't open the engine deck lid - Karmann Ghia

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I got a bit of a dodgy deck lid catch on my Karmann Ghia .... and now no matter how hard I pull the lever/cable, the lid won't pop open.

Now, presumably this kind of thing is catered for - I mean cables break, right? - so I am guessing I can remove the catch by unbolting from underneath? It's dark, can't check right now ...

The next question, though .... is the deck catch easy enough to get hold of? Is that the same as a Beetle part or does it fall under the Karmann Ghia 4xmore expensive/rare category?

I'm referring to this bit:

I think it's best to replace the catch and all the cabling, to be on safe side. Will VW Heritage be able to supply all the bits, dyathink?

Thanks folks :)
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Get it open, and dont do anything so rash as replace parts, simply adjust the point at which it unlatches. Im sure that after years of use the cable has slipped and today was the first time it had slipped enough to not open. :)

Also, that is not the same as a beetle part. Works in the same way but not interchangeable. :)

I have know knowledge of Ghias, just older beetles and this works in much the same way as the bonnet opening obviously. Also, if it is easy to undo the catch from underneath why not try it? At worst you end up on your back again.
Get it open
If I could, I would ;-)

and dont do anything so rash as replace parts, simply adjust the point at which it unlatches
I actually feel it should be replaced, regardless. The mechanism was already worn, and I had to do a botch fix before. I just forgot about the botch fix .. until now! It was dodgy from the day I bought the car, but I always had other things that seemed more pressing.
i think mine was held on with rivets, not sure if they were original or not. but yeah you should be able to get to that from underneath, unlike the beetle front bonnet catch where if it wont open youre a bit screwed!!
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