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well here is the deal, im in the U.S at the moment after travelling for 8 months and thought i would buy myself some wheels .Plan A originally was to buy myself a nice pre 72 camper but they are fetching mad money at the moment anything from 10000-20000 dollars plus taxes 8.5%,and import duty and vat in england ,these will be pretty mint buy the way for that money .
What are they fetching in England at the moment .Plan B is a Karmann ghia and a tent , you can get a really nice example rust free for about $8000 .
I will probably keep whatever i buy but i don't want to be left with somthing in the event i have to sell it that i am going to take a loss on
anyway any comments will be greatfully recieved

cheers jon

p.s the average price of a nice bug over here is mental at the moment
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