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Carb Popping and spitting

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I have a 34 pict 3 carb on my standard 1600 tp engine, the engine will start and run but wont idle.

It spits fuel out of the top of the carb when you lift off the gas, and then stalls straight away when you leave it to try and idle. Bit of a novice to aircooled engines so any help would be much appreciated!

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has it just started happening for no obvious reason or after other work on the engine ? popping thru carb usually due to running too lean, but could be many things or a combination - check any cut off valve is working (pull off & replace electrical connector with ignition on - should hear it click) & check for airleaks at carb mount, head flanges etc. & check that autochoke is connected and working. any fuel leaks from carb spindles? have you checked that the rocker gear is all intact & valve clearances are good ?
Not knowing the service history of the engine would mean writing a manual to cover all the possibilities of the causes of your problem.
Random wild guesses are a bit of a waste of time, so give us the full details.:)
Well i`d go with spaarky for a random wild guess of checking for air leaks first, it`s the easiest one to try and costs nothing. Try and tighten every nut and bolt on the manifold, while it`s running spray some carb or brake cleaner around the base of the carb and see if the revs go up, if they do you have an air leak. Don`t go nuts with it though, as you don`t want any fires!
random wild guesses ?
That didn't refer to your guesses in particular :D, it was to cover all the many possible guesses that could and probably will be made, including mine.
Far better to have as much info as possible beforehand and then be able to make a more accurate 'guess'. :)
Hiya spaarky,

What dizzy have your got, what air filter unit have you got and is the carburetor a genuine old Solex 34 Pict-3 one? This may give us a few clues what to look for.

Even better, do you have a pic of your engine bay?

One thing I will say straight away is that if your engine has a '009 (or any other mechanical only advance dizzy) fitted then chuck it in the bin and replace it with a genuine Bosch single vacuum advance one.

Also the correct arrangement of the vacuum hoses play a big part too.
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