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How much of a ballache is it to fit new carpets in a bug? I've just ripped my old ones out, painted the floor, and want to fit new ones in. I presume you need to remove the front seats?

Has anyone used the carpet set from Big Boys Toys?

Ta very much :hangloose
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Not too much of a problem at all. I put some thick felt sound insulation down first in the footwells & stuck it down with 3M spray. Then sprayed more over the top of this. Flip each carpet section over and give it a good spray, especially around the edges to stop them lifting. Fit the sill ones first, then the rear footwell section. Front bulkhead next, followed by the front kick panels. Last of all the front footwell.

As for Big Boys, well you pay for what you get, so don't expect anything outstanding, but for a daily car they should be ok
Thanks very much dude.

I ordered from Spirit of the 50s in the end, and apparently their carpets are pretty straightforaward to fit :D
...as long as you didnt order the GSF carpet set, you'll probably be fine. :) lol.

Good luck with fitting dude.
Very easy to fit, just take your time. Use contact adhesive and measure twice, cut once.

Cheaper carpets tend to come in fewer sections and can be loose laid more easily. This also makes cleaning them much easier.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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